NCC - 80673

Commander Karuta Roromiya

Name Karuta Roromiya

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Vulcan
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color Light Brown/Reddy Salmon
Eye Color Hazely Salmon Red
Physical Description Karuta is on the rather short side. She is two thirds Human and one third Vulcan, but on one of the more rarer occassions appears more Human over Vulcan therefore is lacking pointed ears and dark hair and eye tones. She gaines her Human genes from her mothers side who married her father who was only half Vulcan. She is mixed race that of a a Japanese Mother and a half Japanese Father with Vulcan thrown into the mix.

Her hair is a light brown, but in certain lights can be described as a salmon or reddy colour. Her eyes are also unusual for her race being that of a hazel also with a hint of salmon in them. She has a light build, not enough to be called super skinny, but enough to be healthy for her height to body mass index ratio.

Karuta usually keeps her hair tied up in the form of either pigtails, or tied back in a ponytail depending on how she feels that morning, or usually how bothered she can be to manage her hair. Its not often people will see her with her hair down, even for special occassions.


Father T'Molek Roromiya (Half Human, Half Vulcan) - Acquired the Family name of Roromiya from his Wife upon marriage.
Mother Tomoko Roromiya (Japanese Descency Human)
Other Family Grandparents on both Paternal and Maternal sides.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Karuta is a strange character when you first meet her. She comes across as cold and emotionless and if you didn't know she was part Vulcan, you would think she was arrogant and rude. However deep down she is a caring person who is loyal to her friends and her family.

On duty she is very dedicated to her job and has been known to 'abuse' the Vulcan part of her physiology to achieve extra goals. For example some Vulcans can be awake for several days, although due to her only being part Vulcan she can only manage about 72 Hours before she passes out. Its caught her off guard before and she has learnt to try and be less of a workaholic. She also takes everything very seriously, and one thing she is good at which catches everyone off guard is that she is quite good at telling jokes, but then doesn't always react to humour. (She claims that she laughs on the inside but hides it).

Off duty she can still come across as quite cold and can often be seen alone if she has no one to talk to. She holds her friendships to great value, and people have commented that she can be hard to befriend due to how she acts. However once you understand her unusual ways, she becomes quite a loving and caring person although she may not show it emotionally. On the very extreme rare occassions that she does smile, it will probably have something to do with offering her food, especially sweet things as she has an uncontrollable sweet tooth and her favourite food is rich milk chocolate.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

Starship Operations
Karuta first joined Starfleet as an Operations Officer so over her career has picked up the skills in her department. She is able to think quickly on her feet and calmly manage a difficult situation when it comes to utilising the Operations at her command. She is particually good at managing supplies, people and cargo as this was one of her main duties before she became a Department Head.

Karuta although coming across as cold and emotionless, is understanding of the people below her and knows how to manage them accordingly. Because she can see from both sides of issues she can be considered a good diplomat when it comes to managing people and her calm relaxed nature helps with those sort of situations. Although it has caused problems in the past with people thinking she didn't care, she often found the power of her words and actions spoke more than opinions of others.

Karuta is a formiddable cook. Many people have commented on how she would make a wonderful wife to a very hungry husband one day. Although she considers this a strength in one day finding her ideal soul mate, she doesn't usually show this to everyone. Only her true friends know that she is a good cook and can come up with some fantastic meals. She loves to bake, being a sweet-tooth her fridge is always filled with something sweet and yummy for her to sit and eat after a long day. (Don't get in the way of her and chocolate, people have tried.... It didn't end too well for them...)


It would seem obvious that this be a weakness for someone who was part Vulcan, but Karuta struggles with emotions as much as any other species. She of course has emotions and keeps them locked away. She finds it hard to understand others emotions around her and often ends up 'getting the wrong end of the stick' at times due to this. The one thing she truly fears the most is when she enters into Pon Farr and her emotional barriers break down. The last time it happened she had to be locked in her quarters as she couldn't control her own actions.

Karuta is not the easiest of people to get to know. She keeps a lot hidden and tries to act professional. She isn't the easiest of people to befriend either. She struggles with maintaining any sort of friendship or relationship as many people do not understand how she sees the world, or why she is why she is. Although if you offer her food and she smiles at you, you're more than likely going to be considered as a friend.

Karuta is a little weird when it can come to attention. Her attention can sometimes wander and she can often drift into her own thoughts. It has caught her off guard and she has worked hard to get better at it and it has paid off, however she sometimes finds herself daydreaming when on duty of at random times. One time she accidently did four laps of her previous ships saucer section before realising she was meant to be going to Engineering. (She got her exercise for the day however)
Ambitions Karuta's ambitions are not set in stone. She would one day like to find the ideal person to raise a family with, however she see's no rush in it as she has plenty of time due to her extended life expectancy of roughly 130 to 150 years, slightly less than a full Vulcan at 200 years. So she's basically in no rush. However in that time she wants to excel at her career and work her way up the ladder. She often dreams of one day leading the Starfleet Operations Corps and would like to work in a shipyard. However she stepped into command to gain the necessary experience to work her way that high.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies

Karuta loves to cook and considers it one of her strengths. She doesn't show many people her cooking ability, but she does love to try out new recipies. She is also well known by her friends for baking the most fantastic cakes and desserts.

On her days off of just after a shift you will often find Karuta with her feet up on the coffee table, nose deep in some sort of book. She enjoyes good old fashioned classical literature, but also enjoys the occassional Manga or Comic. She has a soft spot for certain Authors including Charles Dickens, Roald Dahl and JRR Tolkien.


Operational Systems
As an ex-operations officer now gone into command. Karuta has kept herself upto date with how Starship Operations work and run. She enjoys keeping up with the times and especially becomes interested in computer software and programming.

There is nothing she wants to do more than camp under some stars. She finds the peace and quiet relaxing. She would rather have a camp fire, old fashioned tin kettle and home pitched tent than any other break. It also gives her an excuse to roast marshmallows over an open fire which she believes always tastes better in the great outdoors.

Personal History Karuta was born on Earth as a Two Third Human and One Third Vulcan. From an early age her father who was half Vulcan and Half Human himself wanted her to follow in the traditional Vulcans ways of life and the teachings of Sarek in the way of Logic. Her mother supported this as she had fallen in love with Karuta's father for that reason.

Karuta therefore grew up in a Human house, but learnt the Vulcan ways of life. She was often bullied at school for how she was and how she acted. She looked more Human than Vulcan so she found it hard to adapt and fit in. She was a very intelligent child and would often play with computers. She found she had a sort of natural ability to work with computers because she understood how their logic worked, and she excelled in that particually subject as well as languages including Vulcan, English and Japanese. She was fully fluent in all three of them by the time she reached fifteen years.

When she graduated from High School at age Eighteen as the second top of her class, (She was beated for the top spot by a Human boy called Touma, because she was asked to describe how a passage of text showed emotion and how it made you feel, which she struggled to answer logically) Karuta decided to use her abilities to the fullest and decided to apply for Starfleet Academy.

She passed the entrance exam into the officer school for Starship Operations and began her training. She found it difficult to fit in at first, but then she found some other Vulcans in her class and became friends with them. Coming from a small town she had no one to support her in her ways and for the first time in her life she felt comfortable and accepted by everyone.

After four years at age twenty two Karuta graduated the academy and was assigned to the USS California a small Miranda Class Starship as a Junior Operations officer. She spent her time aboard ship cataloging supplies, organising cargo and doing the occassional repair work on the power systems when ordered to. She didn't particuarly stand out as she kept herself to herself. However when an EPS juntion ruptered near the sickbay and no one could disable is manually, she risked her own life to re-route the power flow away from the sickbay and therefore saved twentysix people. When she was confronted about it, she told them it was the most logical thing to do, and she gained a commendation for her bravery. She was also considered for promotion.

After serving for three years on the California. She found herself reassigned to the USS Evie, a slightly bigger starship that being an Excelsior Class. She was promoted upto the Assistant Chief of Operations aboard the vessel with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. This is what began to fuel her to get higher up the ladder and she started to put in even more effort on a daily basis, which began to show both negative and positive results. She was warned by the ships Chief Medical Officer to stop pushing herself and to find herself a hobby, therefore she began to utilise her cooking skills instead and often attracted people down the corridor with the aromas of her cooking (Although she never opened the door for them).

She served for four years on the Evie, finally making the full rank of Lieutenant at age Twenty Nine. When she put in for transfer after hearing that the USS Swordfish, an Intrepid Class had an opening for the Chief of Operations which she got and transfered over to. She liked the Interpid class better than the Excelsior Class, the ship was smoothers, controls newer and less clumsy and most of all she enjoyed running her own department. After showing she could lead her department well, Commander Brooks, the ships Captain promoted her departmental wise to that of Second Officer after only two years aboard.

She was now an officer who at age thirty two could take command of the vessel and was in the direct chain of command. She considered Commander Brooks a friend and the two were close. They still talk to this day and Karuta considered Brooks the person she could talk to the most and understand. After serving as the Swordfish's Second Officer, Brooks came to Karuta with a request.

She had served on the Swordfish for six years now and Brooks was due to be promoted to Captain and move onto a different ship. Therefore she handed Karuta a position application, that of the new Exectuive Officer of the USS Hercules. A challenge that she thought Karuta would like to try out herself. Karuta considered the application for several days before applying and eventually got the reply she was hoping for.
Service Record 2372-2376 - Starfleet Academy
2376-2379 - USS California
2379-2383 - USS Evie
2383-2389 - USS Swordfish
2389-???? - USS Hercules