NCC - 80673

Plan your work, Work your plan

Posted on Sunday June 25th, 2017 @ 3:45pm by Captain Benjamin Lincoln

Mission: The Nemean Lion
Location: Various
Timeline: Current

:: Start ::

Benjamin sat in the co-pilot seat of the shuttle pod as they glided away from Earth Space Dock and out toward the shipyards.

The wrap-around viewport on the shuttle pod gave him a great view of the various ships scattered about the yard.

They passed a Defiant that looked like it was barely space-worthy, covered in scorch marks and impact craters.

They passed a monolithic Nebula class that was getting retro-fitted with another mission pod.

They dipped under the massive hull of a carrier and as they came back up to level flight, the lights of the yard frame came on and he saw her. The reflections glimmered off her supremely white hull, and he smiled.

"There's my girl." he said like a proud new Father. He turned to the pilot and said, "Make a high pass. I want to see the hull markings."

"Aye, Sir." the pilot replied, and put the course adjustment into the console.

The shuttle pod banked hard and raised its nose to climb, and a moment later the gigantic lettering came into view.

USS HERCULES NCC - 80673 stretched across the hull in huge black characters.

"My god! She's gorgeous isn't she?" he asked, more to himself than to anyone else, but the pilot agreed with him.

The pod made connection a few moments later, and as the air-lock hissed open, a boatswain's pipe sounded the familiar call, followed by "Commander on Deck!" and the assembled crewmen and non-comms snapped to attention with an audible pop.

"As you were." he ordered with a wave of his hand. "I'm not here to make a scene, and I'm sure you've all got more important things to be doing."

There was a moment of confusion, as they were all expecting a drawn out formal ceremony, so no one moved right away.

Benjamin noticed no one was moving so he raised his voice above the murmurs and shouted, "Back to work you scalawags and rabble, or I'll keel-haul the lot of you!" affecting a 'pirate' mannerism for a moment.

This served two purposes. The volume got their attention, and the joke shocked them into actual movement.

A Petty Officer that Benjamin had never met before walked up and saluted in ancient military fashion. Benjamin smiled at the gesture, returned the salute and thought, 'I'm going to make that a thing here.' to himself, and then said, "What can I do for you Chief?"

"Transfer of Command documents, Sir." the Chief said in a strong voice, holding out a PaDD.

Benjamin took the PaDD and glanced it over.

"On this stardate, Command of the USS Hercules is hereby transferred to Commander Benjamin Lincoln. Signed by my own hand, Major General Iain MacTaryn. May God have mercy on his soul."

Lincoln pressed his thumb to the scanner, waited for it to beep, and then handed the PaDD back. "I relieve you Chief." has said formally.

"Aye, Sir. I stand relieved." the Chief replied, and turned to leave.

"A moment Chief." Benjamin said, stopping the older man in his tracks.


"As my first official act as Commanding Officer, I'm promoting you to Chief of the Boat, and want you to report directly to me, every morning at 0700. We'll meet in my ready room, and I want to know everything there is to know about what goes on on this ship. From the biggest crisis to the lowest of scuttlebutt."

The Chief saluted again and said, "Aye, Sir, 0700."

Lincoln returned the salute with a smile and added, "And Chief, get the word around that I approve of the salute tradition and will expect it from now on."

Now it was the Chief's turn to smile. "With pleasure, Sir." Then he turned sharply in a traditional about-face, and hurried off.

A very young looking crewman was standing nearby, leaning against the bulkhead, not really paying attention to much of anything. Benjamin walked over near him and barked, "Ten Hut!"

The crewman startled, almost suppressed an audible squeak, and came to attention.

He stammered, "Sir, yes sir." and gave a sloppy, half hearted salute.

"What's your name boy?" Lincoln asked sternly.

"Crewman Timothy Williams, Sir." he replied, nervously.

Benjamin narrowed his eyes, leaned in and said, "Wrong! Your name is Gopher. As in Go for this, or Go for that, and of this moment you're now my official Guy Friday.

You are going to shadow my every step, and if I tell you to do something, you're going to do it quickly, efficiently, and with one hundred and ten percent effort. You whole life is waiting for me to give you your next grunt work assignment.

You will learn how I take my coffee, you will learn how I like my uniform pressed, you will learn which PaDDs I read first, and which one's that never make it to my desk. You will answer every question with 'Sir, Yes sir.' or 'Sir, No sir.' If I have to look for you, or ask you something twice, you and your whole family will wish you'd never even heard the word 'Starfleet.' Do you understand me?!"

Meekly, the boy answered, "Sir, yes sir." and Lincoln barked, "What was that?" Louder now, and with more confidence Williams answered, "Sir, Yes Sir."

"Good. Now get my bags off the shuttle pod, stow them in my quarters, and meet me in the ready room. You have ten minutes starting....NOW."

Gopher started moving toward the shuttle pod before Benjamin even finished speaking.

"I think I'm going to like it here." Lincoln said to himself and then crossed the deck toward the corridor and the bridge turbolift.

:: End ::