NCC - 80673
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From Bad to Worse

Posted on Tuesday August 29th, 2017 @ 1:04am by Captain Benjamin Lincoln & Lieutenant Natsuko Akayama

Mission: The Nemean Lion
Location: Ready room
Timeline: Current

Bags stowed, cabin located, office located but not entered, Natsuko had made her way to Counseling and Medical, and found that counseling was busy and the doctors were all busy in medical as well, so she chose to change up her normal arrival routine and headed to the bridge and the Commander's ready room.

Dressed in her neat and tidy uniform she stopped and hit the chime at his door.

"Yeah. Come in."

Natsuko entered and paused just inside the door way. "Commander" she said calmly. "Lieutenant Akayama reporting for Duty Sir."

"Ah, yes, My friendly neighborhood Spook. Come on in, take a seat, tell me about yourself." he said with a smile. "Or at least I think that's how the words went to the old song."

She gave a small smile and took the seat in front of his desk. "So which story would you like Sir? The unvarnished truth or the made up stuff that impresses the gullible?" she asked with a smile.

"How about you give me both, and see if I can figure out which is which?"

Her eyes sparkled and Natsuko nodded. "Very well, I am a born and raised Japanese officer, raised by two loving parents with an older brother and sister. Both my parents live in Tokyo where my dad works with Starfleet as an engineer and my mother is in Operations. I am the youngest of three. I followed my brother into Starfleet, where I met my now ex husband, who I caught cheating on me with my maid of honor 6 months after our daughter was born. Massive fights ensued, security was called and I ended in the brig for assault and battery... I may have strangled the girl with her hair...My parents have since disowned me and i have supervised visits with my daughter. I have been in Intelligence as an undercover officer and have posed as an orion slave girl on more than one occasion." She paused "I enjoy pole dancing and can trick a ferengi out of their money within 5 minutes."

After another pause she continued. "I am a born and raised Japanese officer, I was raised until the age of 7 by my parents with my older siblings, I am the youngest of three. My father was killed in action and my mother committed suicide by jumping off a cliff. I was left in the custody of my 14 year old brother and 10 year old sister. My siblings and I were placed in different foster homes. I was in the system until the age of 14 when I ran away from the foster home I was currently in. I returned to Japan and found my older sister's foster parents trying to sell the family home. My sister, eventually kicked them out and our brother came back on leave from Starfleet to discuss things. I followed him into Starfleet after my sister ran away when i was 14 nearly 15. Where I met my now ex husband, with whom i have a cordial relationship. We share custody of our child. I have been in Intelligence as an undercover officer and have posed as an orion slave girl on more than one occasion." She paused "I enjoy pole dancing and can trick a ferengi out of their money within 5 minutes."

Sitting back in her chair Natsuko raised an eyebrow. "Which one?"

"Hmm.." Benjamin answered, thinking it through. "I believe that story one is for the tourist, and story two is at least part of the truth."

"Well I assure you I can trick a ferengi out of their money within 5 minutes sir. But you are correct, the first is fallacy." Natsuko said with a small smile.

"I will admit, I cheated. I had already read your file before you got here." he said with a wide smile. "I just wanted to see what you would come up with."

She had thought he would have. "So, do you have an orders for your resident spook sir?"

"Yes, actually. I just received an extremely disturbing communique, and I need everything you can find on the Federation Colony on Nemean 4. They've gone dark, and the reports I'm reading of sensor readings taken by a passing freighter have my blood running cold."

"Nemean 4, A Standard Federation Colony, colonised around 75 years ago by a colony ship convoy with 3000 people. Main colony area made up of ship part with some of the newer buildings, made from materials on the planet. Main export is farm produce to both the Federation and other close by allies, mainly green beans, which if gone will make the children of the Federation happy." she added with a small smile. "On the edge of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Approximately 10,000 people at last count. A fair amount of commerce traffic in the area, they have a new contract with the Romulan empire to supply food stuffs in the past few years." Natsuko raised an eyebrow. "May I see the sensor logs?"

Lincoln turned his computer terminal so that Akayama could see the displayed information. "I told you, it's not good. I've only ever seen these weapons signatures once before."

Natsuko nodded. "Borg." She said softly. "No it is not good at all, Sir. We may be looking at total assimilation of a colony, that's worst case scenario, otherwise they may have just destroyed the colony, colonists and all."

"Well, let's go tell the others then." he said, standing to leave the office.


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