NCC - 80673

Observe and Report

Posted on Thursday January 4th, 2018 @ 10:14pm by Captain Benjamin Lincoln & Commander Karuta Roromiya

Mission: The Nemean Lion
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Current

The USS Hercules, a brand new Prometheus Class. It was Starfleets answer to long range deep space tactical missions. The ship was built for combat and was developed during the Dominion War. So far the design had been sucessful and it was becoming a more common sight across the Federation.

Commander Karuta Roromiya had read through all the design specifications and looked over all of the ships schematics to be prepared for her next assignment. The sleek hull looked aeordynamic and not usually Starfleet's more rounded style.

She stepped off of the turbolift onto the spacious bridge. The computer had already indicated that the ships current Commanding Officer was located in his ready room. Locating the door she walked over to it, her uniform was neat and tidy. She didn't seem at allphased by the strange looks from the junior officers she was getting.

She reached out and rang the doorbell, waiting for an answer.

Ben was nursing a mug of coffee when the chime went off. "Come on in." he said in answer.

The doors swished open and Karuta walked in. "Commander Karuta Roromiya" she said simply and emotionless. "Reporting as ordered Captain" she said as she stood in front of his desk.

"Wow. They didn't waste any time shipping me another one huh?" he laughed, "You gonna stick around longer than the last one?"

Karuta raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me sir?" she asked. "I am unaware of the reasons for the departure of the previous Executive Officer. However, to answer your question, I will endeavour to 'stick around' as you request"

"Good." he said with a nod. He took another sip of his coffee, and look at the woman in front of him. "You gonna just stand there?"

Karuta looked at him, her expression not changing. She decided to sit down, and slid down into the chair in front of him gracefully. "I do not take a seat unless I am invited to do so" she explained.

"I'll make a note of that." he commented. "So, tell me stuff that's not in your service file?"

"Is there something specific you would like to know?" Karuta asked. "My service record does include my achievements, qualifications, previous assignments and relevant information regarding my status as an officer" she said simply. "Unless you would like to enquire about my personal life Captain?"

"Well, it's a standard question. I'm testing your ability to think outside the box."

"I do not see a box..." she paused. "Ah, a Human Expression. I understand" she said suddenly realising what he was trying to ask her.

"Well" she said. "I am partially Vulcan, but follow the Vulcan ways" she explained to him. "So I do not always understand all Human Expressions, however I have been endeavouring to try more" her voice emotionless and smooth. "As for my personal life that is not in my file, I am unsure what you would wish to know. I like my showers at ninty five degree centigrade. I always eat a healthy breakfast cooked by myself at five after showering" she explained simply.

"Other items to note is that you have no worries about me producing offspring as I have never had the opportunity to engage in the act of sexual reproduction" she explained simply. "I have a unique set of ways Captain. However as a Human like yourself would say, I am 'tolerable' by most Human Standards"

"Well, ok then." Benjamin said with a nod. "Good to know. We'll see about getting that situation sorted later." he said with a grin. "Have you served on a Prometheus before?"

Karuta shook her head. "I have not served on a Prometheus before Captain. However, I have studied the ships schematics and systems thoroughly" she explained. She then looked down and seemed to blush slightly. "Also..." she paused. "My research into this vessel and crew indicated that you are married sir. So I will endeavour to sort out my own 'situation' which you seem to want to assist with" she explained her cheeks blushing slightly. "I apologise for informing you of that, I was simply trying to assure you of my qualities as your Executive Officer"

"I said, get it sorted, not by me." he laughed out loud.

Karuta raised an eyebrow, safe to say she had gotten things mixed up again. "I see" she said. "As for my position as this ships Executive Officer. How would you like this ship to function?" she asked. "I can formulate the duty roster for you and assist in crew rotations if necessary"

"I would like the ship to function like a collection of military trained professionals, as it should be."

"Understood" Karuta replied. "I shall deal with all the necessary paperwork" she told him. "Is there anything else you require of me?"

"Yes, one other thing. I need you to be completely honest with me. I know for a fact that I can often be stubborn and a bit of an arse, and I need you to keep my best interests, and those of the crew in mind, and when necessary, protect me from my own foolishness. Do you think you can handle that?"

"I believe that is within my capabilities" Karuta replied. "I will need to observe your behaviour beforehand however" she explained.

"Well, you're welcome to observe, as long as it doesn't interfere with your duties or mine."

Karuta nodded. "To clarify. I believe the Human expression is that I will have to "get to know you better" before I understand when you are being a "bit of an arse" " she explained.

"Yeah, ok, that makes sense." he said with a nod of his head and a gesture of openness with his arms and hands.

Karuta nodded her head. "Understood Commander" she replied cooly. "I hereby request permission to attend to my duties. As your executive officer I will have a great quantity of paperwork to complete in order for the ship to launch successfully" she asked.

"Aye, very well, Dismissed."