NCC - 80673
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Anxiously underway

Posted on Thursday December 14th, 2017 @ 4:54pm by Lieutenant Commander Louis Sterling

Mission: The Nemean Lion
Location: Transport ship Indus

Louis ran his hand through short hair as he exited the tiny locker room attached to the gym. He'd been aboard a few days and had only made it to the pool once. There wasn't a lot to do aboard a transport but they were good enough to have a hologym with a lap pool able to be programmed in. He was severely lacking in workout time as far as he was concerned, and the continuance of his daily routine felt normal to him, even though everything was changing. That normalcy was of a huge benefit to him, who suffered from anxiety to a small degree. It had been a long time since he'd had a full blown panic attack, but it was known to happen. A pair of electric blue workout shorts and a black tank made him quite visible as he sat to stretch his muscles.

The gymnasium was quiet at 0500, the only sound was the gentle lapping of the pool on the walls of it's enclosure. Steam rose from the hot tub attached to the lap pool. That was a nice touch. Louis' bare feet made very little sound as he padded from the locker room, to the pool side. Stretching his muscles was just a part of the young security officer's normal routine. The pool was first, nearly always, and sometimes the pool was all that he would do given time constraints. Stripping off the tank, he tossed it aside, put a water bottle within reach and dove gracefully into the water. His hair immediately became near to black with the water in it.

Every four laps he would switch to a different stroke to work different muscle groups and get a more effective cardio workout. Louis went through crawl, butterfly, and breast stroke before pausing for a brief breather. The dark haired man shook his short curls free of water and leaned briefly on the wall to take a pull from the water bottle.
A thoughtful look on his face as he measured the free-climb wall with his eyes from the pool. The floor beneath it was spongy and designed to take force if one should fall. It seemed like it might even be fun.

"Never been much of a climber but I'll give it a go, though I think that will have to be tomorrow all things considered. " he murmured without missing a beat as he pushed into the backstroke. Partially it was to exhaust himself so he might sleep well tonight. He'd slept fitfully the past few nights on this transport which was taking him to his new Posting on the Hercules. It was a good strong name, and he hoped the ship lived up to the reputation, but without the heel. Still and yet, he was anxious. He wasn't as good as his brother Lukas at making friends...and he was concerned that for whatever reason, he wouldn't be liked.

Lieutenant Commander Louis Sterling
Chief Medical Officer
USS Hercules


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